Purity Plus - The GET Corp. line of filtration and purification products. These products are high quality MADE in USA solutions to your needs.

Sediment Cartridges: -   For the removal of sediment that can clog systems, cause damage to your flow and disrupt your water service at home and in commercial production.

  • Purity Plus PP-MB (Melt Blown) series - High quality, Made in USA sediment cartridges using our high velocity melt blown polypropylene production equipment. The graded density design optimizes the life of the cartridge. NSF approved and made with FDA materials we offer these cartridges in 2.5 inch and 4.5 inch OD and lengths from 10 inches and up to 40 inches.
  • Purity Plus PP-SW (String Wound) series - High quality Made in USA sediment cartridges using polypropylene wound materials and cores with graded density technology. We offer cartridges in 2.5 inch and 4.5 inch OD and lengths from 10 inch and up to 40 inches.
  • Pleated Sediment cartridges - We also have a wide range of pleated cartridges available from standard 2.5 inch OD units with lengths of 10-20-30-40 inches as well as 4.5 inch OD cartridges in 10 and 20 inch lengths. HARMSCO pleated cartridges are Made in USA and of high quality. High flow Hurricane cartridges and housings are also available.

Carbon Filters: Used to reduce or remove chlorine, VOCs, lead, arsenic and to improve the taste and odor of water.

  • KX Technologies - Carbon blocks - The complete line of KX Technologies carbon blocks. These are one of the highest quality Made in USA and NSF approved carbon products available. The series has specific formulations for a wide variety of contaminates. Products are available in 2.5 and 4.25 inch OD and length of 9.75 inches up to 40 inches.

      Carbon filters - Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) - We have access to a full range of GAC cartridges in all dimensions. We can supply these with Coconut Shell and Bituminous carbon and also with KDF additives.  Our KX Cartridges include:

  1. Pb1
  2. CR1
  3. CTO Plus
  4. CTO + 3
  5. CTO        



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